Since receiving a Masters in Social Work from UC Berkeley in 1977, I have concentrated
on finding methods to help myself and others to seek positive change out of difficult experiences.
For thirty -five years I've worked as a social worker and therapist,
volunteering with hospice, Red Cross, and bereaved parents.
I have a special talent born of my own experience in medical and health concerns.

My personal background has given me absolute confidence that anyone can make big changes, overcome addiction and childhood abuse, and achieve desired goals.

My book, The Courage to Trust: a guide to deep and lasting relationships, (2005) is a direct outgrowth of learning to trust myself and speak with compassion and honesty. My recording, Embracing True Prosperity, is based on my own evidence that believing in a positive
future will bring out the meaning and purpose of your life, just as it did mine.

I live on the Mendocino coast of northern California with my husband of 35 years, Marshall Rogers. In 2006 a remarkable young man, Peter Dorn-Ravlin,
needed a home, and this has increased my understanding of parenting, especially teens.

I respond to all e-mail myself. You can also leave a confidential message at 707.964.5229.