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Relationships are the heartbeat of every business. The secret to all great relationships? Clear, honest and compassionate communication. It’s always our intention to be honest and fair, but when faced with conflict, hurting someone’s feelings, or hit a bump of insecurity, you may find yourself wondering, “What would a real business owner say?” It’s easy to feel discouraged when you are overwhelmed with choices and trying to do it all by yourself. Too often the people you expected to support and encourage you at the start are not the ones who can take you to the next level. There comes a time when personal loyalties can hold us back from a commitment to moving forward. This is the tipping point of success: Being faced with expanding or downsizing, asking for help or having to say NO.

I’m here to encourage and guide you through any aspect of your business that requires the courage to dig deep, speak up and take action. As a psychotherapist, I recognize the power of resistance to taking action. We were seldom taught to respect our own wants and needs if it might hurt feelings or mean we say good-bye. I have learned it is always easier to say hard truths when we choose deliberate kindness. This is especially important when it comes to creating agreements, hiring help, discussing boundaries, and changing or releasing a professional relationship. I’d love to brainstorm with you about how you love and don’t your current business mindset, and then identify what could be holding you back from solutions you suspect are just out of reach.

My expertise is in the “people side of business,” of building, clarifying, improving the professional relationships that make any venture rewarding financially for you and those you hire and partner with. I have coached and counseled both new and existing business owners, offering workshops and private sessions to overcome indecision and untangle confusion caused by misunderstandings. I can help you communicate better with partners, employees, consultants and customers. And in this process, you’ll also learn how to be nicer to yourself.

INDIVIDUAL SESSIONS $150 for 60 minutes.
I am available for private and discreet conversations in person or on-line (phone, Facetime, ZOOM). Even one session can bring you from confusion to commitment, giving you the confidence to act. Fifteen minute mutual introduction is free, to find if we have a fit of skills and expectations. My office is on the Mendocino Coast.
I intend to offer a series of workshops, all in Mendocino, California, starting Fall of 2019 that focus on the human side of business. I’ll be announcing the first one in July. Let me know (EMAIL LINK) if you would like to find out more. Some of the subjects we will cover:

  • Setting First Things FIRST – Getting to the Essence of Your Biz
  • Being a good boss and a great leader (even for your Self!)
  • Own Your Business: Building your business from the inside out


"Cynthia has been helpful with a number of my business clients in sorting out difficult personnel issues.  I recommend her without hesitation.”
Michael Carroll, Business Coach, CraftOfBusiness.com

When reflecting on my recent personal and professional uplevel, the one thing that stands out as having the most profound effect, was a series of Business Therapy sessions with Cynthia Wall. Having a business is an exercise in boundaries and values, and I can't think of a better way to navigate both.  Amy Wall, aesthetician, teacher, entrepreneur (I only WISH we were related!) www.loveamyskin.com

Cynthia helped my team of twelve when we were struggling to work well together. The highest praise came almost a year later, when one of our senior employees – a bit of a skeptic – surprised me by saying, “Those sessions made a huge difference. Everything has changed.”
Christie Olson Day,  Gallery Bookshop www.gallerybookshop.com