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160 pages paperback (2005)

A compassionate and insightful guide for learning to trust more wisely

In The Courage to Trust, Cynthia Wall helps us to discover the genuine source of much of our pain and the pain in our relationships and offers us simple, powerful ways to begin to heal it. This wise and beautifully written book is a blessing for every friend, every parent, every lover,
and every human being. RACHEL NAOMI REMEN, M.D. author of
Kitchen Table Wisdom and My Grandfather's Blessings

Have early betrayals stopped you from trusting wisely today?


Trust is a factor in every social or business interaction. You can be unaware of a conflict then suddenly a misunderstanding or change in tone can trigger a loss of trust. Fear and anger replace the sense of belonging. You are left with the hope that the hard feelings will magically fade or someone will reach out with warmth.

Take heart! You are not limited to reacting like a helpless child when you feel hurt. We learn how and when it is wise to trust as we grow. The Courage to Trust uncovers the mystery underlying upsetting interactions in all our relationships.

We learn how and when it is wise to trust as we grow. In this book, you'll find practical tools and stories to help you overcome old barriers to trust and intimacy.

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