How Do You Really Feel About Success?


This quiz was adapted from a questionnaire developed at Boston College and published in The Success-Fearing Personality by Donnah Canavan, Katherine Garner & Peter Bumpert. This questionnaire gives you an idea of your current association to methods and definition of success. Answer yes to the statements that apply to you. Scoring is at the end.


1.      ____ I often feel guilty about my happiness and wealth if friends are struggling.

2.      ____ I don't always tell others about my good luck so they won't feel envious.

3.      ____ I have trouble saying no to people.

4.      ____ Before getting down to work on a project, I find a unrelated things to take care of first.

5.      ____ I tend to believe that people who look out for themselves first are selfish.

6.      ____ When someone I know succeeds at something, I can feel that I've failed in comparison.

7.      ____ I rarely have trouble concentrating for a long period of time.

8.      ____ When I have to ask others for their help, I feel that I'm being a bother.

9.      ____ I often compromise in situations to avoid conflict.

10.  ____ When I've made a decision, I usually stick to it.

11.  ____ I'm not a good loser: I over-focus on how I'm doing, so I don't enjoy the game very much.

13.  ____ A surefire way to end up disappointed is to want something too much.

14.  ____ Instead of elation and pride, I feel let down after completing an important task or project.

15.  ____ Mostly, I find that I measure up to the standards that I set for myself.

16.  ____ When things seem to be going really well for me, I get afraid that I'll do something to ruin it or I fear something will happen to ruin it.


SCORING: A little math puzzle to help your brain...

a. Add one point for every YES, except # 7, 10 & 15.

b. For 7, 10 & 15, subtract one point if you answered yes.

Under 5 points means your relationship with success is balanced.

Between 5 & 10, you are at moderate risk for self-sabotaging behavior.

Between 10 and 16, your relationship with success is out of balance:is fear and confusion overwhelming you?